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    Xilinx, Inc.
Part No. XQ4036XL-3PQ432N XQ4062XL-3PQ432N XQ4013XL-3PQ432N XQ4036XL-3PG432M XQ4062XL-3PG432M XQ4013XL-3PG432M XQ4013XL-1HQ432N XQ4013XL-1PQ432N XQ4036XL-1HQ432N XQ4036XL-1PQ432N XQ4036XL-3HQ432N XQ4085XL-1HQ432N XQ4085XL-1PQ432N XQ4013XL-3HQ432N XQ4062XL-1HQ432N XQ4062XL-1PQ432N XQ4062XL-3HQ432N XQ4085XL-1HQ475N XQ4085XL-1BG475N XQ4085XL-1BG240N XQ4085XL-1BG228M XQ4085XL-1PG228M XQ4085XL-1PQ432M XQ4085XL-1HQ432M XQ4085XL-1HQ228N XQ4085XL-1PQ228N XQ4085XL-1PQ240M XQ4085XL-1PQ240N XQ4013XL-1BG240N XQ4013XL-1HQ240M XQ4013XL-1HQ240N XQ4013XL-1PQ240N XQ4013XL-3HQ240M XQ4013XL-3PG240M XQ4013XL-3BG240M XQ4013XL-1PQ240M XQ4036XL-3HQ475N XQ4062XL-3HQ475N XQ4062XL-1HQ475N XQ4013XL-3HQ475N XQ4013XL-1HQ475M XQ4036XL-1CB240N XQ4062XL-1BG240M XQ4036XL-1HQ240N XQ4036XL-1PG240M XQ4036XL-1CB240M XQ4036XL-1PQ240M XQ4013XL-3CB432N XQ4013XL-1CB432M XQ4062XL-3HQ228N XQ4013XL-1PG432M XQ4013XL-1PQ432M XQ4013XL-1PG432N XQ4013XL-1PQ228M XQ4062XL-3PG228N XQ4013XL-1HQ228N XQ4062XL-1CB240M XQ4085XL-1BG240M XQ4036XL-3CB432N XQ4036XL-3CB240N XQ4036XL-3CB228N XQ4036XL-3HQ475M XQ4036XL-3HQ432M XQ4036XL-1PQ432M XQ4013XL-3BG475M XQ4062XL-1PQ228N XQ4062XL-1PQ228M XQ4062XL-1PQ240M XQ4062XL-1CB475M XQ4036XL-3BG240M XQ4062XL-1
Description QML High-Reliability FPGAs QML第高可靠性的FPGA

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    59629857501QUB 59629857501NZB XQ4013XL-3CB475M 59629857501NUC 59629857501NYB 59629851001NXB 59629851001NUB 59629851001NU

Xilinx, Inc.
Part No. 59629857501QUB 59629857501NZB XQ4013XL-3CB475M 59629857501NUC 59629857501NYB 59629851001NXB 59629851001NUB 59629851001NUC 59629857501NUB 59629857501QUC 59629851301NXB XQ4013XL-3PQ432N XQ4036XL-3PQ432N XQ4062XL-3PQ432N XQ4085XL-3PQ432N 59629851301NTB 59629851301NZB XQ4062XL-3CB475N 59629851301NZC 59629851301NXC XQ4013XL-3PG432M XQ4036XL-3PG432M XQ4062XL-3PG432M XQ4085XL-3PG432M 59629851101NXB 59629851101QYB 59629851101QYC 59629851301QZB 59629851301QZC 59629851001QUC 59629851101QUB 59629851001QTC 59629851001NZC 59629851101NUB 59629851101NZB 59629851101NZC 59629851101NYC 59629851101NYB 59629851101NXC 59629851101NUC 59629851101NTC 59629851101NTB 59629851001QZB 59629851001QZC 59629851001QYC 59629851001QYB 59629851001QXC 59629851001QXB 59629851001QUB 59629851001QTB XQ4013XL-1BG432N XQ4085XL-1BG432N XQ4036XL-1BG432N XQ4062XL-1BG432N 59629857501NTC 59629851301NTC XQ4013XL-3HQ432N XQ4036XL-1PQ432N XQ4036XL-3HQ432N XQ4085XL-1PQ432N XQ4085XL-3HQ432N XQ4036XL-1HQ432N XQ4062XL-1HQ432N XQ4062XL-1PQ432N XQ4085XL-1HQ432N XQ4013XL-1HQ432N XQ4013XL-1PQ432N XQ4062XL-3HQ432N 59629851001NTB 59629851001NTC 59629851001NYB 59629851001NYC 59629851001NZB 59629851001NXC XQ4013XL-1CB240N XQ4013XL-1CB475N XQ40
Description QPRO QML High-Reliability FPGAs(QPRO QML高可靠性现场可编程门阵 QPRO QML第高可靠性的FPGA(QPRO QML第高可靠性现场可编程门阵列)

File Size 158.79K  /  22 Page

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For Q475M Found Datasheets File :: 2+       Page :: | <1> |   

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