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AMIC Technology, Corp.
AMIC Technology Corporation
Part No. A29L004ATX-70F A29L004ATL-0F A29L004ATL-90 A29L004ATL-90F A29L004ATL-70 A29L004ATV-70 A29L004ATV-90F A29L004ATV-70F A29L004ATY-90F A29L004ATY-70 A29L004ATY-70F A29L004ATW-70 A29L004ATW-70F A29L004ATW-90F A29L004ATX-90 A29L004ATX-90F A29L004AUY-90 A29L004AUL-90 A29L004AUY-90F A29L004AW A29L004AUW-90F A29L004AUV-90F A29L004AUX-90F A29L004AY A29L004AUL-70F A29L004AUV-70F A29L004AUW-70F A29L004AUY-70F A29L004AUX-70 A29L004AL A29L004AUW-70 A29L004AUX-90
Description 512K X 8 Bit CMOS 3.0 Volt-only, Boot Sector Flash Memory 12k × 8位CMOS 3.0伏只,引导扇区闪
Circular Connector; No. of Contacts:3; Series:; Body Material:Aluminum Alloy; Connecting Termination:Solder; Connector Shell Size:16; Circular Contact Gender:Pin; Circular Shell Style:Straight Plug; Insert Arrangement:16-7 RoHS Compliant: No
Replaced by PT78ST106,PT78NR106 : 6Vout 1.5A Wide Input Positive Step-Down ISR 3-SIP MODULE -40 to 85
AB 3C 2#16 1#8 SKT PLUG
ER 16C 16#16 SKT RECP
ER 35C 35#16 PIN RECP

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    AMICC[AMIC Technology]
Part No. A29L004AY A29L004A A29L004AL A29L004ATL-0F A29L004ATL-70 A29L004ATL-90 A29L004ATL-90F A29L004ATV-70 A29L004ATV-70F A29L004ATV-90 A29L004ATV-90F A29L004ATW-70 A29L004ATW-70F A29L004ATW-90 A29L004ATW-90F A29L004ATX-70 A29L004ATX-70F A29L004ATX-90 A29L004ATX-90F A29L004ATY-70 A29L004ATY-70F A29L004ATY-90 A29L004ATY-90F A29L004AUL-70 A29L004AUL-70F A29L004AUL-90 A29L004AUL-90F A29L004AUV-70 A29L004AUV-70F A29L004AUV-90 A29L004AUV-90F A29L004AUW-70 A29L004AUW-70F A29L004AUW-90 A29L004AUW-90F A29L004AUX-70 A29L004AUX-70F A29L004AUX-90 A29L004AUX-90F A29L004AUY-70 A29L004AUY-70F A29L004AUY-90 A29L004AUY-90F A29L004AV A29L004AW A29L004AX
Description 512K X 8 Bit CMOS 3.0 Volt-only, Boot Sector Flash Memory

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For 04AUW Found Datasheets File :: 2+       Page :: | <1> |   

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